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Polishing Belts

75429948PFD 30 X 533 P60

7549998PFD 30 X 533 P80

75430479PFD 30 X 533 P100

75430512PFD 30 X 533 P120

75432207PFD 30 X 533 Cork

75430311PFD 100 X 2700 P80

75430557PFD 100 X 2700 P120

824AR00160C3BD 30 X 533 P60

824AR00180C3BD 30 X 533 P80

824AR0011C3BD 30 X 533 P120

Mirror Screws

LSMSCP2020mm Screw and Chrome Cap

LSMSCP2525mm Screw and Chrome Cap

LSMSCP3030mm Screw and Chrome Cap

LSMSCP4040mm Screw and Chrome Cap

LSMSCP5050mm Screw and Chrome cap

LSGROM 200 Grommets

34801 Domes & Collars


V136/24/1MKW 24mm x 1.6mm x 1m Mirror

V13124/10024mm x 3mm x 1m Mirror Tape 

V1362/1818mm x 1.6mm x 60m Mirror Tape

V1362/2424mm x 1.6mm x 60m Mirror Tape 

V13124/1818mm x 3mm x 30m Mirror Tape

V1312/2424mm x 3mm x 30m Mirror Tape 

V2204/93mm x 9mm x 15m Glazing Tape

V2208/66mm x 6mm x 15m Glazing Tape

V2208/96mm x 9mm x 15m Glazing Tape

UM01818mm x 40m Masking Tape (48)

UM02424mm x 40m Masking Tape (36)

UM03636mm x 40m Masking Tape (24)

UM04848mm x 40m Masking Tape (24)

UP249VPX7548m  White Protection Tape

UW048R48mm x 50m Clear Packaging Tape (36)

UW148R48mm x 50m Buff Packaging Tape (36)

Glass Cutting

BO200.1Diamantor Glass Cutter (doz)

BO260.0Diamantor Tungsten Carbide Glass


BO100.0 Silberschnitt Glass Cutter 6 Wheel


BO402B135 Carbide Cutting Wheels

ZO3 Kramer Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel

BO4000.0 Oil Glass Cutter Brass - (wide)

BO4000.1 Oil Glass Cutter Brass - (narrow)

BO4001.0 Oil Glass Cutter Plastic - (wide)

BO4001.1 Oil Glass Cutter Plastic - (narrow)

WGBP Glass Breaking Plier

BO511.0 Circular Cutter 60cm

BO514.0 Circular Cutter 120cm

BO516.0 Circular Cutter 200cm

BO518.0 Complete Cutting Head With Turret

BO101.06 Wheel Turret

BO519.5 Replacement Pad For Circular Cutter

BO4580.0 Speed Cutter 600mm

BO4580.1 Speed Cutter 1200mm

BO4580.2S peed Cutter 1800mm

BO4580.5 Complete Speed Cutting Head 

BO4580.7 Replacement Speed Cutting Head Only

Glass Drilling 

D.006. ST 6mm

D.008. ST 8mm

D.010.S T1 0mm

D.015.S T 15mm

D.020.S T2 0mm

D.025. ST 25mm

D.030.S T3 0mm

D.050. ST 50mm

D.100. ST 100mm

GS0025 Dressing Stone 25x25x200

Makita Power Tools

9031 Makita Sander

CC300DW Makita Cordless Saw

GSPD001 Portable Glass Drill - (complete)

DCG180ZK Cordless Caulking Gun

LD050 PLaser Distance Measure 50m

LD080 PLLaser Distance Measure 80m



GS0001 Upright Single Belt Sander

GS0002 Drilling Machine With Support Table

GS0003 Cutting Tables 3800x2600

Solvents & Chemicals

SCC Small Container Charge (25lt)

DDFP210210lt Refundable drum deposit

01160125lt Clear Meths

011601/210210lt Clear Meths

01170125lt Coloured Meths

011701/210210lt Coloured Meths

01510025lt MEK

01510125lt Paraffin

015101/210210lt Paraffin

01940125lt Turpentine

019401/210210lt Turpentine

02390025lt Thinners Grade A

ACECUT550330lt Cutting Fluid

BO0261Lt Cutting Fluid

BW002Glass Cleaner "Blue Water" 25Lt

637323M Citrus Base Cleaner

Convex Security Mirrors

CON 300300mm

CON 450450mm

CON 600600mm

CON 900900mm

Glass Lifting & Carrying

BO600.0 BLVeribor 1 Cup Suction Lifter

BO602.4 BLVeribor 2 Cup Suction Lifter

BO603.0 BLVeribor 3 Cup Suction Lifter

BO614.0 BLVeribor Replacement Pads

BO6023157 Power Grip Pump Action 

WO6091540 Power Grip Pump Action (automotive)

BO602.22 Veribor Swivel 2 Cup (automotive)

Glass Pinch Grab 1000kg (3mm to 20mm glass)

T Squares, Straight Edges & Cutting Frames

F4569600mm T Square

F45701000mm T Square

F4711500mm T Square

F4722000mm T Square

F49592500mm T Square (unprinted)

F49603000mm T Square (unprinted)

BO031.1600mm L Square

BO033.11050mm L Square

BO035.11500mm L Square

BO036.11750mm L Square

BO037.12050mm L Square

BO052.2032000mm Straight Edge - 3 Suctions

BO052.2542500mm Straight Edge - 4 Suctions

BO052.3043000mm Straight Edge - 4 Suctions

BO052.3553500mm Straight Edge - 5 Suctions

BO052.4054000mm Straight Edge - 5 Suctions

BO070.040400mm Cutting Frame

BO070.060600mm Cutting Frame

BO070.080800mm Cutting Frame

UV Bonding

BO52009300UV Adhesive - Glass to Glass - (100g bottle)

BO52009394UV Adhesive - Glass to Metal - (100g bottle)

GSUV300UV Lamp - 300mm

GSUV600UV Lamp - 600mm

GSUV1200UV Lamp - 1200mm

Silicones & Sealants

Den Braven 

10110DB 1001 Silicone Clear 260ml

10111DB 1001 Silicone White 260ml

10112DB 1001 Silicone Black 260ml

10113DB 1001 Silicone Grey 260ml

10114DB 1001 Silicone Bronze 260ml

10200DB 1001U Prof Silicone Clear 300ml

10201DB 1001U Prof Silicone White 300ml

10112DB 1001U Prof Silicone Black 300ml

10203DB 1001U Prof Silicone Grey 300ml

10204DB 1001U Prof Silicone Bronze 300ml

10205DB 1001U Prof Silicone Alumnium 300ml

12200DN NO Prof Silicone Clear 300ml

12201DB NO Prof Silicone White 300ml

12202DB NO Prof Silicone Black 300ml

12203DB NO Prof Silicone Grey 300ml

12204DB NO Prof Silicone Dark Bronze 300ml

12205DB NO Prof Silicone Light Bronze 300ml

12206DB NO Prof Silicone Beige 300ml

12303DB 795/4000 Structural Black 310ml

14100DB Acrylic Sealant White 280ml

20050DB Mirror Fix MS White 290ml


DB High Tack MS Polymer White 290ml

Windscreen Fitting

V001 Strip Locking Tool - (big & small tip)


Locking Tool Tips - (big & small)

V003Piano Wire Handles

GSWW4 Windscreen Cut Out Wire

GSTW72 Braided Windscreen Cut Out Wire

V004 Hook Tool

VUTS Utility Stick - (nylon spatula)

RK160 Cold Knife

APEX000 Windscreen Chip Repair Kit

RCWRChip Repair Resin

APEX1Chip Repair Pit Filler

24200 Silicone Spray

00224922 Betaseal 1402 - 300ml

00225060 Betawipe - 1Lt

00225148 Betaprime 5500 - 250ml

GSTSK01 Auto Glass Tech Starter Kit 

Protective & Safety Equipment

FPYG Gloves Yellow Commorex

GSULTRA Gloves Blue Utra Grip

GSLA-501A Grade Yellow Commorex

GS063-11 Cut Master Wrist Protectors

585Safety Glasses

GSF10DroAir FFP1 Repirator Dust Mask

70-0715-6398-83M - Heavy Duty Particle Respiration Mask

Safety Shoes & Boots

Safety Harnesses

2GPRAPRONHPVC Water Proof Apron

GS001 HARDHAT Safety Helmets / Hardhats

GSCEM Classic Extreme Ear Muff

GSACR60X120 Dromex ARC Leather Apron 60x120

GSREG3 First Aid Kit Regulation 3

GSREG7 First Aid Kit Regulation 7


SPPK Putty Knife - Skewpoint

34502 Putty Knife - Footprint

28-080 Putty Knife - Stanley

ST3MT Tape Measure 3m - Stanley 

ST5MT Tape Measure 5m - Stanley 

ST8MT Tape Measure 8m - Stanley

STM10 Tape Measure 10m - Stanley 


400mm Spirit Level

GSWSL60600mm Spirit Level

GSWSL80800mm Spirit Level

GSWSL90900mm Spirit Level

GSWSL1001000mm Spirit Level

GSWSL1201200mm Spirit Level

CHG300 Cox Silicone Gun 300ml

CHG600 Cox Silicone Gun 600ml

HDG Heavy Duty Silicone Gun

Rivets And Riveters


Aluminium Rivets 

GSFAXD0000 Peeled Rivets

GSFAPK0000 Counter Sunk Rivets

GSFAPLF0000SA Large Flange Rivets

GSFAPS0000SA Sealed Rivets

GSFAP0000CR Coloureds Rivets

GSFSO0000SA Steel Rivets

GSFSS0000FSA Full Stainless Steel Rivets

GSFSSPHSA Half Stainless Steel Rivets

GSFRT10 Hand Riviter

GSFTS55 Pneumatic Riviter


GSGMK Glass Marking Kit

ACID Acid refill for glass marking kit

BS-1RCL Bumpons 12.7x3.5mm (200 per card)

SJ5302 Bumpons Clear Micro 3M (144 per card)

2GPAKF9108 Kraft Brown Paper 900mm

2GPW451340 Plastic Wrap

2GPAWI1PLY Jumbo Paper Wipes

CSTW Webbing White 50m (1 ton)

CSTWB Black Seat Belt Webbing 100m (2.5 ton)

399Rags (5Kg bundle)

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